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We know that you have taken the first step towards setting up your business and that selection of a certified public accounting firm is one of the most crucial decisions. Not only is hiring a certified public accounting firm important for business , it is also needed for individual tax planning and guidance.

We are striving to make this decision less cumbersome for you and are offering you a complete array of accounting, tax and consulting services - delivered with a personal and professional touch. Once we take you on board, you are an important part of our being, you are a trusted partner who know our business as much as we know yours.

Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals

Certified Public Accountant And Professional Advisor
  • Business Tax Returns

    We prepare Corporation (1120), S-Corporation (1120S), LLC (1065), Partnership (1065), and Non-Profit (990) tax returns using the most current tax law and IRS tax codes to minimize your taxes and maximize your cash flow. We also consult with each business owner in order to determine the best business entity for your organization.

    We will analyze your books and self-prepared financial statements to make recommendations in order to avoid triggering any red flags with the IRS, all inclusive of your return preparation fee.

  • Individual Tax Returns

    We prepare Individual (1040) tax returns using the most current tax laws in order to maximize your deductions and minimize your income taxes. We have clients from many states such as North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and we are authorized to prepare income taxes in all states.

    We are constantly attending tax seminars to make it a priority to not only enhance our knowledge of the complex tax code and new regulations, but also how to successfully implement it to your benefit.

  • Cash Managemant

    We can prepare cash flow requirement and projection reports in order to help your company manage the daily, weekly, or monthly cash flow fluctuations. We also advise you on ways of maximizing cash flow.

    We offer the following services to businesses and each service depends on your specific needs. You will notice that although each service can be offered independently, they are not mutually exclusive. If you are confused on what you need and don’t need, we will set you up with a free consultation to determine your business needs.